Okay.. here we go.

I have a problem being public, in the pubic eye. For that reason, I can’t seem to push myself to write openly and honestly online. (Even though, my dream is to be a published children book author.) What I am getting at is how an old coworker of mine, has started living his dream and does it with the help of social media. His doing exactly what he wants to do in his life. I’m so proud of him, I bought one of his first watercolors when he just started his journey. We met at a Walmart parking lot and now I have a beautiful bat painting hanging up in my house.

So, it got me thinking. What can I do everyday as a complete commitment? And I can’t decide on one thing creative that I stay in. I could draw, paint, sew, paper work, metal work, or stain glass. Or should it be book reviews or showing me making a book that might get published? But I can’t do that daily. I’d love to say pottery, but I don’t have the means do so currently where I could start a shop. As you can see I love doing it all which leads to me to being that friend who is all over the place. It’s true, I own it.

Lastly, the only thing I can think of doing daily is gratitude. I have big dreams and I ground myself by doing gratitude about twice or more a week.

I have decided to make a year long gratitude challenge. Where every single day I write what I am grateful for, at least ten nouns. I will not kill myself over errors in my writing. I will let my perfectionism go. (At least for my online gratitude journal.)

My rules for this year. 01/17/2022

(It should be known I’m typing this at 11pm while my house is asleep and that my daily routine will most likely be at night. But I don’t care when I do it, as long as I do it daily.)

Once daily I’ll post on here my reasons why I am grateful for the day. It’s okay if it’s done in my notebook and a picture is taken and it’s okay if it’s typed. I will respond to people online, but at my own pace and speed. I have days that can seem endless, but that doesn’t mean I can skip. Writing out what I’m grateful for and saying my thank you’s daily, just seems to be the perfect idea to me.

I’ve had a truly magical year. During that time, I was private about it. I felt like telling everyone my great fortune would come off as bragging. Or preachy. I’ve offended an old co-worker last Christmas being too positive. It lead me to think, maybe I shouldn’t share my thoughts and maybe I am coming off as preachy. I am not that kind of person, I don’t want to be seen that way. But I had a year where so much went right it’s hard not to notice. There was some bad things that happened to me, but with gratitude grounding me, right around the corner were huge blessings. I mean right around the corner.

I read The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne in March. I started rereading it currently, I highly recommend it. Last year, I didn’t get into grad school for Children’s Literature, our landlord for the last eight years- told us he was selling our place, and our kids needed a teacher-me for half of the year. But, we bought a really nice boat, I had a greenhouse and my own plants, we bought a house in June that came with garden beds in a really tough market, and I put my toes in the sand in the Bahamas two weeks ago. It’s not even a full year from when I read it, but it’s been eye opening and share worthy.

I’ve been pretty happy and it’s a full moon time to release and let go.

So, I’m letting go of being scared of sharing a slice of myself. Or I guess not giving a fuck who reads about me and why I am grateful. I’m not going to tell you what to do, I am just going to have this page to hold myself accountable for the next year. If people join in-awesome! If people don’t-superb!

Love ya and enjoy your night!

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I’m constantly surrounded by farts, in all serious I am. Three stepsons—12,17,20 one gaseous daughter of 11, and a hungry husband, whose been trying to ditch oven me for the last three years! (I’m a ninja though, so he hasn’t succeeded yet 😉) Right now, I’m making my way through College- about a year and a half left, and then I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopefully a book published or at least become a literary agent. In these posts I’m going to cheerfully complain about my kids complaining and the awful smells I endure on a regular basis. Hope ya’ll have fun reading from this artsy Michigander! 😏

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