Day 4 of 28

(Gratitude journal 28 day challenge within a 365 gratitude journal challenge.)

“Open your heart to celebration and fun!”
From Denise Linn’s Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

Today was a full heart kind of day. I have three extra kids over for a sleepover currently. Because I knew they were coming I did my journaling earlier in the day, in the quiet. Though hearing laughter throughout my house fills my soul up with joy. Funny how that card came out too.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today

Also here’s my note I kept around in my kitchen for the day.

Tomorrow is all about money. Rhonda Byrne explains money is hard for a lot of people to be grateful for when you feel in lack of money.

The first thing tomorrow you need to do is think about your childhood and everything you received or what your parents provided to you. Think and meditate on how grateful you are for the hospital bills they paid, the gas for the car, the vacations you went on.

Also, you’ll have to make another note and place it somewhere where you’ll look at it throughout the whole day. She says at least twice. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY IVE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. When you look and read it, feel truly grateful. Also, remind yourself anytime you’re given money to say thank you three times and mean it.

A reminder to also not complain about money, it’ll stop the flow of it. Just remind yourself it’s coming and find something to be grateful for that you just paid for, a bill or a material.

Here’s Orion attacking my pen.

The first time I did this 28 day challenge I got a call for 10k on day five. Not saying that’ll happen exactly for you, but I couldn’t believe when it happened to me.

So, try to hold yourself accountable for the feeling of gratitude for the money you have. Remember to count your blessings too, 10 each day.

I was floating in the water and feeling completely grateful when my husband got the call. It made me buy “The Magic” for all my friends after it happened. 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

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I’m constantly surrounded by farts, in all serious I am. Three stepsons—12,17,20 one gaseous daughter of 11, and a hungry husband, whose been trying to ditch oven me for the last three years! (I’m a ninja though, so he hasn’t succeeded yet 😉) Right now, I’m making my way through College- about a year and a half left, and then I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopefully a book published or at least become a literary agent. In these posts I’m going to cheerfully complain about my kids complaining and the awful smells I endure on a regular basis. Hope ya’ll have fun reading from this artsy Michigander! 😏

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