Day 9 of 28

Gratitude challenge.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today. My day was alright, couldn’t help but notice the news. With that said, I know I still have lots to be grateful for. Citrus love, I am grateful for my husband’s silliness and inviting citrus love today.

Here’s the oracle card that popped out, it’s fitting with today’s challenge.

“This card can be a wonderful sign that abundance and sweet energy is coming your way.”
Scared Forest Oracle Deck by Denise Linn

Tomorrow, day 10, is about visualizing you have a magic wand and that you can bless people you meet throughout the day with your magic dust. If you see your mail lady or man, magic dust them with gratitude of bringing you your mail daily. See someone at the grocery store and dust them with gratitude either an out loud thank you or one in your head and visualize the magic falling upon them. Rhonda suggests doing it to ten people if you can. Since the pandemic makes it harder to see people I suggest trying it out on three people. Sometimes I’ll do it to random cars as I’m driving. Just a thought.

I hope your night glitters like snow’s magic does!

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Published by surroundedbyfarts

I’m constantly surrounded by farts, in all serious I am. Three stepsons—12,17,20 one gaseous daughter of 11, and a hungry husband, whose been trying to ditch oven me for the last three years! (I’m a ninja though, so he hasn’t succeeded yet 😉) Right now, I’m making my way through College- about a year and a half left, and then I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopefully a book published or at least become a literary agent. In these posts I’m going to cheerfully complain about my kids complaining and the awful smells I endure on a regular basis. Hope ya’ll have fun reading from this artsy Michigander! 😏

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