Day 21 of 28


I was able to take a picture of my favorite constellation tonight. To the right of the moon, you’ll see a blue cluster of stars known as the Pleiades.
It’s my favorite constellation because my mom is one of seven sisters, and the Pleiades is seven sisters.

Whoa, I had a full day, but those are pretty awesome days if you ask me. I am grateful for the seeds that I am able to help grow and the resources to do so inside first. I am grateful for helping Aidan with his homework, even if it took longer than I wanted it to. I am grateful I had the time to do so. I am grateful to be tired because it meant I lived my day to it’s fullest.

“Vitality, health, success, abundance, healing, and passion are expanding in your life.”
“Things that have been incubating beneath the surface are going to be coming to fruition.”
Denise Linn’s Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

Here’s my gratitude journal for today.

The magnificent outcome, alluded me today. So, I’ll try to focus a little bit on it tomorrow. I was grateful for my seeds and the beds I was making them in the soil. I was present during the giving gratitude and of love to new life.

For day 22, it’s about expressing gratitude towards your top desires three times during the day. Feeling gratitude and using it towards a dream you want to see come true. You can also think of it as a visualization practice three individual times.

I hope today brings you a joyful surprise!

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I’m constantly surrounded by farts, in all serious I am. Three stepsons—12,17,20 one gaseous daughter of 11, and a hungry husband, whose been trying to ditch oven me for the last three years! (I’m a ninja though, so he hasn’t succeeded yet 😉) Right now, I’m making my way through College- about a year and a half left, and then I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopefully a book published or at least become a literary agent. In these posts I’m going to cheerfully complain about my kids complaining and the awful smells I endure on a regular basis. Hope ya’ll have fun reading from this artsy Michigander! 😏

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