Gratitude Challenge for 2023

I am not one to start challenges off with the 1st of the new year. It’s not my style. To explain, my birthday is December 20th. Pretty late in the year, then there’s Christmas my favorite holiday. So, I like to be present during those days and the days leading up to them and I tend to not reflect on my year until after. One of my best friends always sends me a challenge to reflect on my year around the first week of December, but I simply can not reflect until after my birthday and Christmas.

Which leads me to reflect right before or after the new year to see all the joy brought my way. It also puts a little bit of pressure on doing a challenge in the beginning of the year. This year I also have a pretty big vacation taking up half of the month of January. EEEEEEEE! I simply don’t want to do a challenge while on vacation. I want to be present and relaxing in the sunshine and not worrying if I posted to keep my word press streak.

So, I am going to do a yearly challenge yet again. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it for six months last year. This year I’m starting it the first week of February. I think I’m going to start 2/05/2023 because it’s Otis’ birthday and seems like the perfect day for a challenge. Since I return from vacation on 1/31, it’ll give me time to slide back into routines and have multiple days to set up myself for success.

This year I know I’m going to be doing my journaling at night while I let my daughter’s sugar gliders run around for the night. They bring me joy and I want them to have a more solid routine as well. I think I’m going to have a YouTube channel with repeat after me gratitude meditation. It will be more general, not with my lists, but I think I’m going to do themes to help align yourself with gratitude. I’m also currently designing some gratitude journals and I’ll post those too. (These are all my thoughts at this time, I am able to not follow through with them.) Ha.

So, come back around February and I’ll have some things to think about before we begin. I’m still journaling currently just kind of sporadically and with my own flow. When I know I need that magical sauce in my life.

Which I did pick a word for this year, something I’ve been doing for the last five, at least. Thank you Oprah! love you!

My word is Ease. I’m looking forward to a year of ease and flow! I hope you have a fantastic year! I’ll see you in a month!


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I’m constantly surrounded by farts, in all serious I am. Three stepsons—12,17,20 one gaseous daughter of 11, and a hungry husband, whose been trying to ditch oven me for the last three years! (I’m a ninja though, so he hasn’t succeeded yet 😉) Right now, I’m making my way through College- about a year and a half left, and then I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopefully a book published or at least become a literary agent. In these posts I’m going to cheerfully complain about my kids complaining and the awful smells I endure on a regular basis. Hope ya’ll have fun reading from this artsy Michigander! 😏

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