187 of 365

I am grateful for my family being able to talk to me and figure out a plan of action for what they want to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

Excuse my handwriting today- wasn’t feeling it.

Enjoy your day! It’s raining today making the air outside super charged with magic! I’ve made some wishes earlier. ✨✨✨

Day 186

“This card’s appearance is a message to release what doesn’t serve, support, or empower you.” Denise Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I am grateful for being able to get Otis after he escaped twice from our yard. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my journal for today:

Here’s a picture from my walk this morning with the doggos.

I hope you’re enjoying your day! A quick gratitude booster, go around your home and hug the walls or place your hand on them. Say out loud and in your head thank you and feel as grateful as you can for your home. I legit think it’s how I got a house. I used to complain about how small my townhouse was and it wasn’t until I embraced the townhouse more and actually hugged the walls daily, that we got our house. ✨✨✨

I hope you find some magic today, or even better make some!

186 grateful days

“So relax into the changes. You are bringing vibrant energy into the world.”
From Denis Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I am grateful for my morning walks with the puppies because I love the fresh air, the sun, and the love I give to the puppies too. I am blessed that my daughter finally wants to watch Stranger Things because i like relaxing with her and talking in between episodes of what she likes and what inspires her. I am grateful for the food I am able to make my family because it nourishes them and they enjoy what I make. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

Here’s the clematis that bloomed this morning. Funnily enough this beauty came with my house, but last year I didn’t know what it was and it sadly was chopped down. I noticed it this spring and gave it some rope to climb.

Simba (my stepson’s puppy), Carmen( I’m watching for a friend), and Otis.

Enjoy your magical day! ✨✨✨ If you’d like a gratitude challenge for today, take a picture of a loved one and look them in the eyes and say thank you three times every time you see the picture. Put it somewhere you’ll see it a lot. A nice exercise of gratitude.

Take care!✨☀️✨

Day 185 of a yearly gratitude challenge ✨

“Even if you can’t see, have faith that you are being supported in mysterious and wondrous ways by unseen beings in accordance with your highest good.”
From Denise Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I was able to catch up with Jon’s cousin’s family yesterday and it was blissful! I wish I lived closer to them because I love hanging out with them. I am grateful for their light and laughter and for seeing them when we do. I am blessed for the rain we had last night because the earth around me really needed it and for the sounds of rain and storms are some of my favorite. I am grateful for Aurora helping me with my friends cats I’m watching. I am blessed I was able to see Aidan yesterday dropping him off the supplies he needed for his diabetes. I am truly blessed for getting rest last night and feeling so happy currently. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

And here’s a picture of Otis right before he fell asleep.

King Otis!
At 5 and a half months old

Have a magical filled day! ✨✨✨

Day 184 of 365

“Spirit guardians are watching over you with immense love and kindness.”
Denis Linn’s Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I had such a soul filling night last night with my cousin Kaylee coming over with her daughter. We grilled and went on a boat ride together, laughing and telling stories. Her daughter is seven and full of humor and light, I had fun swimming with her.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

I’m going to explain my gratitude meditation. First I write out at least three reason’s why I’m grateful, sometimes they flow and it’s three pages, sometimes it’s only three reasons and I’m okay with either. After I write them out, I get quiet in my head and I start by saying “thank you” over and over again until a blissful smile comes across my face. Then I know it’s time. I read my list out loud and in my head at the same time while staying in the vibration of gratitude. I finish every reason with three thank you’s. After I’m done, sometimes I’ll talk to family or friends that has passed and let them know how grateful I am for their love and support. Then I ask my spirit guides for a card and to make it spring out of my hands so I know for a fact that’s the card they like to me to see. I’ll read the passage in the book and reflect on it. Then I put it in this blog. Just in case you wanted to know my process, there it is.

With gratitude I’ve been able to harness what moods fly up, pop out, and how to recognize them. Because I’m in a state of gratitude I can remind myself that I can only control how I react to situations. And there is always something to get grateful for or glad about instead of being in those other frequencies. Also, if a negative cycle continues to affect my thoughts I’ll dance or sing my way out of it to stay in a higher frequency.

I hope you found this useful and I hope you have a magical day! ✨☀️✨

✨Day 183!✨

Day 183 of what? Glad you asked, my gratitude challenge! It’s the halfway point! ✨✨✨

Today Otis, my 5&1/2 month old puppy, decided he wanted to be on my lap while riding the end of my gratitude list. So, it’s shorter today but filled with joy. Really, that’s all that matters.✨
“Remember— you are safe during these changes.”
Denise Linn’s
Sacred Forest Oracle Deck.

I’m a little late today, but if I’m honest my day didn’t start off right. I am grateful for sleeping in even though it was not part of my plan, I think I needed the rest and I do feel rejuvenated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today, with Otis’ help:

We went on our boat last night for the sunset and I am grateful for our boat because it’s fun being on the water and swimming, and spending time with my husband. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s a moon flower that bloomed last night. Isn’t she pretty? I think so. ✨

As a reflection halfway point, I did go through a depression with the loss of my Scrappy and didn’t do much on this blog during that time. I still would wake up and think of one thing I was grateful for, but I didn’t do any mediation with it. And I think that’s completely fine. I know truly feel I can talk about him and it doesn’t mess up my day or mood. I look back with joy being able to have him in my life so long and I am so grateful for all the moments we had together. I do have to say how gratitude has changed my life in the most profound way and it made me more present, more alive. If you feel stuck in life, I suggest finding a gratitude book, a challenge, something to propel you into a routine of gratitude. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day either.

One of the more simpler daily practices is while you’re cooking or making something- think about how you’re grateful for every ingredient. How you’re grateful for the people who grew that ingredient from a seed or from an egg, and your grateful for the nourishment it gives to you and whoever you share your food with. It’s a simple practice I take the time to do every time I make dinner.

I also take an invisible shaker and pretend for real to shake love and magic into my meals. (You do you, it’s just how I add love to my meals.)

Sending lots of love- deep continual love to you! And of course light too! ✨✨✨

Day 182 of 365 (gratitude challenge)

“Trust that everything is unfolding graciously and perfectly in your life. You are more cherished than you know.”
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck
by Denise Linn.

Today I am grateful for the money to go grocery shopping, for Otis and Carmen being good pups while I was gone, for laughing with my husband, for my six mile walk with Arielle, for having Courtney as company as I made dinner, and for all the love I was able to give, witness, and receive.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

Here’s a sunflower a squirrel planted, I took a picture of it this afternoon basking in the sun.

Here’s the gorgeous lake my friend Arielle and I walked around for six miles. #michigan

Also it should be added that I picked up some trash. #dowhatyoucan

I’m currently watching my best friend Kim’s dog Carmen. Also Courtney and Noah’s puppy Simba moved in with them two weekends ago. Of course Otis is in the picture too.

Carmen, Simba, & Otis
Here’s Sirius and Orion, I had them out while I was writing in the journal tonight.

If you’d like to bring some more gratitude into your life, write down a couple things you are grateful for and take time to say what you wrote down out loud and inside your head at the same time.

Have a magical day!✨✨✨

Day 180 of 365

I am grateful for the wind because of how it slay and makes the trees dance, shake a move. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am blessed for the water because it nourishes our bodies, cleans our bodies, and for how it brings life to everyone on this planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am grateful for our earth, soil, for the communities that’s created microscopically and invisible to the eye once discovered underneath. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am blessed for fire because of how it warms and lightens up the night, and for cooking our food. Thank you, thank you, thank you.