Day One

Here’s my journal entry for tonight:

I like to write them down first. Then I quiet myself and say thank you a bunch of times out loud. Then when a smile forms on my face, I read my journal outloud and in my head at the same time. It’s my daily gratitude meditation.

Have a magical night!

Gratitude Challenge for 2023

I am not one to start challenges off with the 1st of the new year. It’s not my style. To explain, my birthday is December 20th. Pretty late in the year, then there’s Christmas my favorite holiday. So, I like to be present during those days and the days leading up to them and I tend to not reflect on my year until after. One of my best friends always sends me a challenge to reflect on my year around the first week of December, but I simply can not reflect until after my birthday and Christmas.

Which leads me to reflect right before or after the new year to see all the joy brought my way. It also puts a little bit of pressure on doing a challenge in the beginning of the year. This year I also have a pretty big vacation taking up half of the month of January. EEEEEEEE! I simply don’t want to do a challenge while on vacation. I want to be present and relaxing in the sunshine and not worrying if I posted to keep my word press streak.

So, I am going to do a yearly challenge yet again. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it for six months last year. This year I’m starting it the first week of February. I think I’m going to start 2/05/2023 because it’s Otis’ birthday and seems like the perfect day for a challenge. Since I return from vacation on 1/31, it’ll give me time to slide back into routines and have multiple days to set up myself for success.

This year I know I’m going to be doing my journaling at night while I let my daughter’s sugar gliders run around for the night. They bring me joy and I want them to have a more solid routine as well. I think I’m going to have a YouTube channel with repeat after me gratitude meditation. It will be more general, not with my lists, but I think I’m going to do themes to help align yourself with gratitude. I’m also currently designing some gratitude journals and I’ll post those too. (These are all my thoughts at this time, I am able to not follow through with them.) Ha.

So, come back around February and I’ll have some things to think about before we begin. I’m still journaling currently just kind of sporadically and with my own flow. When I know I need that magical sauce in my life.

Which I did pick a word for this year, something I’ve been doing for the last five, at least. Thank you Oprah! love you!

My word is Ease. I’m looking forward to a year of ease and flow! I hope you have a fantastic year! I’ll see you in a month!


Day 4

A Thanksgiving gratitude challenge

Here’s my journal for today:

Here’s my meditation with my journaling:

Here’s the cards I pulled after meditating:

Leadership-“You empower others simply by being who you are… and who you are is enough.”

Flow-“This card is suggesting that you relinquish contorl to the path forward and just see where it takes you.”
From Denise Linn’s The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck.

Thank you! I hope you find some magic in your day!

Day 3 out of 10, Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving edition 🤗

Here’s my journal entry for day three:

Here’s my voice doing my gratitude meditation:

Here’s the oracle cards I pulled:

Playfulness-“If you’ve been taking life too seriously, this card reminds you to lighten up.”

Passage-“Remember that although life changes, you are enternal. The voyage of the heart and soul is ahead.”

From Denise Linn’s The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck.

I hope you enjoyed your day! I did, it was a full day. Have a goodnight! I am grateful for you reading this.!


Day Two of Ten

Ten day gratitude challenge! Day 2.

Here’s my gratitude journaling for today:

Here’s my gratitude journaling meditation video:

Also, here’s the oracle card that flew into the table after asking for some guidance:

Purification- “This card’s appearance is a message to release what doesn’t serve, support, or empower you.”

From Denise Linn’s Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I hope you wrote out a couple or ten reasons why your gratitude today. I wish some magic into your life.

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Ten Day Gratitude Challenge

Day one

There’s ten days to Thanksgiving in the United States. I figured what a better time to have a focus on gratitude!

I’m going to journal ten things I’m grateful for ten days in a row and ask you to join if you’d like.

Here’s my journal for today, aka day one:

I also recorded my voice with what I call my gratitude meditation. That’s here:

After I meditated I called on my angles and ancestors to give me a couple of oracle cards. I asked my grandparents on both sides, my cousin’s grandmother, my husband’s stepdad, and my aunt to help me with some daily advice. Thank you, Dorthy, Jack, Sylvia, Aunt Ann, and Tom for the continual love.

Here’s the cards I received:

Joy- “Open your heart to celebration and fun! Who told you, you needed to suffer to grow? Your purpose in life is to experience joy! Follow your bliss.”

Protection- “You are enough just as you are. No matter what has happened or occurred in the past, the truth is that you are absolutely and unconditionally enough as you are. You are loved and cherished.”

From Denise Linn’s The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck.

I hope you enjoy your day! And I’ll see you tomorrow for day 2!

Have a magical day!✨🫧

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187 of 365

I am grateful for my family being able to talk to me and figure out a plan of action for what they want to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

Excuse my handwriting today- wasn’t feeling it.

Enjoy your day! It’s raining today making the air outside super charged with magic! I’ve made some wishes earlier. ✨✨✨

Day 186

“This card’s appearance is a message to release what doesn’t serve, support, or empower you.” Denise Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I am grateful for being able to get Otis after he escaped twice from our yard. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my journal for today:

Here’s a picture from my walk this morning with the doggos.

I hope you’re enjoying your day! A quick gratitude booster, go around your home and hug the walls or place your hand on them. Say out loud and in your head thank you and feel as grateful as you can for your home. I legit think it’s how I got a house. I used to complain about how small my townhouse was and it wasn’t until I embraced the townhouse more and actually hugged the walls daily, that we got our house. ✨✨✨

I hope you find some magic today, or even better make some!

186 grateful days

“So relax into the changes. You are bringing vibrant energy into the world.”
From Denis Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I am grateful for my morning walks with the puppies because I love the fresh air, the sun, and the love I give to the puppies too. I am blessed that my daughter finally wants to watch Stranger Things because i like relaxing with her and talking in between episodes of what she likes and what inspires her. I am grateful for the food I am able to make my family because it nourishes them and they enjoy what I make. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

Here’s the clematis that bloomed this morning. Funnily enough this beauty came with my house, but last year I didn’t know what it was and it sadly was chopped down. I noticed it this spring and gave it some rope to climb.

Simba (my stepson’s puppy), Carmen( I’m watching for a friend), and Otis.

Enjoy your magical day! ✨✨✨ If you’d like a gratitude challenge for today, take a picture of a loved one and look them in the eyes and say thank you three times every time you see the picture. Put it somewhere you’ll see it a lot. A nice exercise of gratitude.

Take care!✨☀️✨

Day 185 of a yearly gratitude challenge ✨

“Even if you can’t see, have faith that you are being supported in mysterious and wondrous ways by unseen beings in accordance with your highest good.”
From Denise Linn’s
The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck

I was able to catch up with Jon’s cousin’s family yesterday and it was blissful! I wish I lived closer to them because I love hanging out with them. I am grateful for their light and laughter and for seeing them when we do. I am blessed for the rain we had last night because the earth around me really needed it and for the sounds of rain and storms are some of my favorite. I am grateful for Aurora helping me with my friends cats I’m watching. I am blessed I was able to see Aidan yesterday dropping him off the supplies he needed for his diabetes. I am truly blessed for getting rest last night and feeling so happy currently. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s my gratitude journal for today:

And here’s a picture of Otis right before he fell asleep.

King Otis!
At 5 and a half months old

Have a magical filled day! ✨✨✨