FRIENDS FROM URANUS Dummy pages for 500 words

I’m in dire need of food. With this noon heat pushing down on me, finding the strength to walk is hard. I repeatedly search this empty desert way and no food is ever found. My health is going down. Down. Down.
“Aslan!” Addy screams outside my room. 
Annoyed I yell back, “What!”
“There’s a huge, crawly, creepy spider. It’s in the bathroom! Please, please kill it!” She pleads, as she sprints into my room with stupid panic on her face. See the thing with Adeline is, I’m actually only eight months older than her. So, really, she could kill the spider herself. Blargh, I’m always needed.
“I’m sure it’s not huge. You kill it.” I roll my eyes hard and get back to my game. I need to focus on finding something to eat or I’m going to die in survivor mode. Ah, a rabbit!
“No. I’m scared. Please Aslan!” My stepsister is trying to make puppy eyes, they don’t work on me. My stepmom has started cooking dinner with onions, it fills my nose with its pungent smell. But I can’t lie, she does make yummy stuff. Especially her banana bread. Mmhm.
“It’s not smart to kill any living beings!” My stepmom yells from downstairs, “You never know who you’re killing!” She’s always listening. She could be a witch?
“Please Aslan, I don’t want it to get me when I’m sleeping.” My stepsister whispers, “You know it will.”
“The spider won’t get you when you’re sleeping. You’re 10 too, you kill it!” I think about Addy in a large spider web and chuckle.
“Please Aslan. I’ll give you a dollar.”
“Fine.” I look around and bend down to grab my shoe. I side eye my Xbox, “I’m going to die.” Grr. 
Addy runs into the bathroom and shots, “It’s moving fast, hurry up!”
“I’m coming, Impatient!” I yell at her. Inside the bathroom I see it. It’s not even that big of a spider. My stepmom is weird and names all the spiders in the house. She even talks to them. She doesn’t kill anything; she says it hurts her soul. My mom on the other hand, says its completely fine to kill bugs. Why would you want them in your house? Makes sense. 
Addy keeps a watchful eye on the grey crab spider on the windowsill of our upstairs bathroom. I hop on the toilet and wind up to swing at the spider. “Get ready to die.” I mutter.
The spider’s mucus-goo is on the bottom of my shoe. I’m super relived it wasn’t the jumping kind. I shudder.
That’s when I noticed something peculiar.
I swear, a little green man jumps off of my shoe, and lasso’s, and swings. I can’t see, it’s so small. I can’t make out what it is. I lose it as it jumps off. Another grey crab spider runs along, and the tiny green “cowboy” jumps on its back. They quickly cruise into a crack next to the bathtub. It all happens so quickly, I’m not sure if it’s real. A cowboy, small green thing gets ‘saved’ by another crab spider? What? I’ve never seen a spider move that fast. I rub my eyes and look again.
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