186 grateful days

I am grateful for my morning walks with the puppies because I love the fresh air, the sun, and the love I give to the puppies too. I am blessed that my daughter finally wants to watch Stranger Things because i like relaxing with her and talking in between episodes of what she likes andContinue reading “186 grateful days”

✨Day 183!✨

Day 183 of what? Glad you asked, my gratitude challenge! It’s the halfway point! ✨✨✨ I’m a little late today, but if I’m honest my day didn’t start off right. I am grateful for sleeping in even though it was not part of my plan, I think I needed the rest and I do feelContinue reading “✨Day 183!✨”

Day 178

I am grateful for my nose for smelling and sniffing different smells, currently coffee, for holding up my glasses, and for reminding me that’s it beautiful just the way it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.