Day 121

I had a fulfilling day today, filled with sunshine and I finished an illustration. I talked to my mom and was able to be there for both of my high schoolers today, who both had emergencies of their own. I am grateful I was able to be there for them and also for my husbandContinue reading “Day 121”

Day 120

I had my daughter’s choir banquet tonight. It was fun but filled with social challenges for me. I am grateful for my husband because he saw all some of my challenges and asked the questions I needed to have a good night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am grateful for Aurora making friendsContinue reading “Day 120”

Day 119

I am grateful for the Universe for guiding me, for always having my back, for helping out so many people on this planet, and for all the joyful surprises. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am blessed for everything I currently have because this life is filled with love and joy and it’s anContinue reading “Day 119”

Day 3 of 28 (118)

I am grateful for being tired today because it was a full happy day and for seeing my parents with Otis. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s my journal today, some days it flows how much I am to be grateful for, some days it’s like tonight pulling teeth. So I do what IContinue reading “Day 3 of 28 (118)”

Day 2 of 28 (117)

The Focus for Day two, is simply noticing three people or things to be grateful for during your day. For instance, I stopped and said out loud how grateful I am for my home earlier today and I hugged a wall in my home. I said, “I am so grateful for you, my home forContinue reading “Day 2 of 28 (117)”

Day 116 (for real) Also Day 1 of 28

Another gratitude challenge inside a gratitude challenge? Yes, that’s right. For the next 28 days I’m putting focus on writing out ten reasons why I am grateful. Each of the 28 days there will be a new focus. Today is figuring out what routine will work best for you and commuting to it for heContinue reading “Day 116 (for real) Also Day 1 of 28”

Day 116 (not really)

I’m actually doing this day tonight. I’m going back into journaling and meditating. I’ll be focusing gratitude for the next 28 days in a challenge that you can join if you’d like to or just watch me. I’m going to start posting at night instead of when I wake up. I’ll be a day aheadContinue reading “Day 116 (not really)”

Day 115

I am grateful for music because it moves you emotionally and for letting your soul shine deeply. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The fastest way to raise your vibration is with music. Sing, dance, or workout to it and watch the magic of happiness grow. I am blessed for singing because it makes meContinue reading “Day 115”

Day 114

I am grateful for the morning light that is more like summer each and everyday because it shines helping you wake up earlier and be more active outside. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am blessed for the abundance of money we have received because it pays our bills, let’s me be generous toContinue reading “Day 114”

Day 113

I am grateful for my sugar gliders health because they add joy and silliness into our daily lives and for letting us love and spoil them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am blessed for this day because I’ve never had a day like this before and because of all the cells working toContinue reading “Day 113”